Why get Hadoop Training ?

With the growing adoption of Apache Hadoop as the platform for big data analysis across various industries, the need for IT professionals with expertise in operating Hadoop clusters is increasing rapidly. The power and flexibility of this platform also presents compelling opportunities to develop new data-driven services on Hadoop and HBase, making "Hadoop developer" one of the most sought after skills in the software industry. There has never been a better time to get Hadoop training.

What's the advantage of getting Hadoop training ?

Xor Global has a long history of working with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem to enable hardware features, benchmark performance across generations of software and hardware changes, and real-world expertise in optimizing Hadoop for enterprise big data deployments. Among a growing number of other customers, Xor Global runs Hadoop at scale in production. In addition to the commonly offered foundation in Hadoop concepts and operational skills, Hadoop training from Xor Global offers :

What Hadoop training classes does Xor Global offer ?

There are three types of Apache Hadoop and HBase training courses that are offered, as seen below. You can schedule onsite training for your team by contacting us @ info@xorglobal.com